• 16855 Participate in a group in youth work

    Learners can: 

    • Describe the purposes and objectives of the group, and contribute to achieving these.
    • Contribute to identification of group protocols, describe these, and adhere to them throughout the group.
    • Evaluate group functioning and achievement of objectives.
    • Describe their own role or position in a group in terms of being a youth worker.
    • Contribute to group decision making processes.
    • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Reading and Reflections

    Read through this document then answer the questions that follow to cement your learning and understanding.

  • Assessments

    This is the Assessment section for this course. Make sure you have completed the reading thus far and have a good understanding of the topic. You can open them in another tab to refer back to if you wish.

  • Application to Youth Work

    Through the lens of the principles of the Youth Development Strategy Aotearoa and the aligned nine core Youth Worker practice competencies we build the links between Human Development Theories and Youth Work; why it is important and how it can be applied.

    •  Application to Youth Work Page
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